Our Story

Bailey’s Steel & Supply LLC was started in the mid 1970's  by Daniel Bailey.  He originally started the business as a sideline endeavor to help pay the bills while he worked full time in a local mine.  The first materials sold were rolls of 10 gauge wire mesh. Local contractors and people he had become acquainted with while working previous jobs were Bailey's Steel's first customers.  The very next year, due to being laid off, Dan pursued the business full time.  Shortly after that, the first piece of equipment was purchased.  It certainly did not look like much, but it got the job done.

Since then there have been more than a few vehicles pass in and out of service.

And our stock has grown quite a bit since we started.

(Bailey's Steel in the late 1980's-early 1990's)

(Bailey's Steel today)

With our current range of vehicles, products, and services, we aim to serve our customers quickly and efficiently. Whether it's small or large quantities in tight spots or over rough terrain, we are equipped to deliver off/on load without customer assistance and place material where needed.

We do our best to meet our customer's needs.Though some of our customers may be large or national companies,  we have not forgotten that local individuals and small companies are what enabled us to grow to what we are today. Members of the oil & gas industry, a weekend warrior, or even NASA (yes, we really shipped material to Houston, Texas!) Bailey's Steel & Supply LLC has always been a family company and Dan and his son, Scott, intend to keep it that way.

Daniel and Scott Bailey. 1984

Scott Bailey at 2 years old